No matter your ability level, The Stables at Eagle Crest Resort provides everything from pony rides for our youngest guests to multi-hour trail rides for the more advanced. The horses in the front pasture are also very friendly, and will happily eat carrots and apples if you've packed a snack. We welcome guests to come visit the stables up on the Ridge, near Lakeside Sports Center, to go for a ride. Here you'll find head wrangler Chris Buller, his team of experienced wranglers, and plenty of beautiful horses waiting to take you and your family on a horseback ride through the High Desert.

HORSEBACK RIDING IN THE HIGH DESERT Book Your Horseback Riding Excursion Today

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  • Lessons & Packages: $55 & Up
  • 1 Hour Cascade Vista Trail: $55 Per Rider
  • 1.5 Hour Big Desert Loop: $80 Per Rider
  • 10 Minute Pony Ride: $15 Per Rider
  • Custom Rides: $150+, Please Inquire
  • Reservations Required, Space is Limited